The Sultan’s Flower


the sultan's flower © 2019 minnelli lucy france sm

“The Sultan’s Flower” – digital painting
The Sultan’s Flower – This piece is not part of a series. This is a low resolution image (which may appear fuzzy and discolored) – This work is Copyright. This image is of my digital painting. The doorway to Africa they say is located in the North, and Morocco more specifically Marrakesh is so beautifully colored that I can’t help but bring it into my artwork.  This place as well as Turkey, has been an obsession of mine since I was a child. A Sultan is an Arabic King and so this flower belongs to him. She’s a purple tulip, which have a very long history that began in the middle east; and purple is a regal color. This flower with an inner glow, waits in the courtyard for her Sultan to arrive.


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