The Rampant Rosarium


This piece shown in low res and it is a concept sketch (although it is a finished piece in graphite) for my project in the making titled: The Rampant Rosarium, and this piece in particular is titled: “Valana – The Rose” © 2017 graphite + silver ink on bristol board.

The term rosarium means rose garden, but the roses in a rosarium are usually very prized and expensive hybrids and also exotics. The term rampant in terms of gardens means that they were not maintained and grew wild, chaotic even and unkempt. The story in my head has developed into an intense tale and I am currently creating the artwork (paintings) and (writings) for this project; however I’m not sure if it will be an illustrated novel, or comic, or simply an art e-book or a dozen other choices. The paintings will be part of this collection as well as the written component.

I have visited a nearby rosarium weekly for a few years now, and much of my sketching time there has been very helpful to my creation of this series. I will be sharing more about my rose-fever on future posts.

I will be posting the finished works on my portfolio via my website gallery, plus on all of my social media links including blogs, and vlogs of them as well. I’m thinking about posting the behind-the-scenes and progress shots on my Patreon.

I hope you like her so far, and I appreciate you reading this blog.



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