The Flora of Moon Titan

The Flora of Moon Titan is the title of my collection or series of paintings that I created in (2017). I created a small art e-book after the collection was complete. The collection has now developed into a trilogy and I am currently painting them in (2018 – 2019). When it is complete, I will release a better, new-and-improved art e-book. At one point in (2017) I began prepping for making a comic of the trilogy but now I have been considering the art-book as a better format for the writing component of the series.


The Flora of Moon Titan is the first of this trilogy. It is a collection of paintings, and illustrations with their story.

Description: Minnelli takes you into the toxic gardens of planet Saturn’s Moon Titan where a science fiction world and a brief story of the alien flowers there unfold through her paintings and descriptions.

This piece here is the book cover for my art e-book in late 2017 that is available via the Apple iBooks Shop.

The art piece used for the cover was “Vine in Titan” (22×30) mixed media on paper. My YouTube channel also has a video showing it.

I’m currently working on the rest of the trilogy (the art and writings) for the art book.

Most of the collection was created on (22×30) in mixed media.

Here I am in my art studio just sipping tea and painting. (early 2017).









New Sprout on Titan -The Flora of Moon Titan- Copyright 2017 Minnelli L France

Here she is complete “New Sprout on Titan” (22×30) in mixed media.



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