Jardin des Sorcières

Last year I posted “The Witch Flower” and the ani-gif promo for my collection “Jardin des Sorcieres” Garden of the Witches in French, with a poem. This series has (ii) parts and part (i) is being posted now this Autumn season 2018. Part one will also be slowly continued to be posted throughout (2019). Part (ii) will be ready to be posted in (2020). Art prints are and will be available for sale in my shop. I’m looking into making an art book at the end of it.

The collection will be in digital, and only the first flower “The Witch Flower” who is a Tacca chantrieri, or “Bat Flower” is in traditional. (18×24) in graphite.

I will be making posts about the progress of the work, behind-the-scenes, and insight into the story via my Patreon.


Shown here is my concept sketch and then my final painting of my character Wolfbane.







Watch the collection unfold.Website link to collection: https://www.minnellilucyfrance.com/#/jardindesorcieres/


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