Fleur Diabolique


Fleur Diabolique translates to a “diabolical flower” or literally the “Devil’s Flower” in French. This one is not part of one of my series but instead is just a stand alone piece.
I created her digitally because I’m wanting to take a little break from my traditional art materials and start adding pieces to my digital art portfolio as I wish to get better-and-better, (which only happens through practice), and I wish to improve my skills; I also intend to continue working in both. (this image is shown in low res). Art prints are available in my shop for this piece.
The background has a misty fog in a heavy to mid grey, to set the mood for a spooky place. The large glowing leaves are behind her.
Her eyes are glowing red, and her neon glow is even on her eyelashes.  I left out a lot of detail in the flower because my digital skills need to improve, but if I had created her traditionally instead the flower would have had full detail. Over all I was satisfied with the piece and feel it works well. I like my character and her orange lipstick and red eyebrows. She has a very hazy look to her as the air is filled with a toxin she releases. I also imagine her to grow in a cemetery.  
I began to make sketches and I began to let my mind wonder as I was drawing and I remembered a film I watched as a teenager titled: Diabolique here is the poster:
this film was based on the orignal French film “Les diaboliques” from (1955) in black-and-white. Here is the imdb link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0046911/

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